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    From what I've read the Motorola H300 BT headset should work pretty decently with the Treo 650. However, I am having a problem with a new purchased headset. I can pair them without a problem and make calls, however when a call comes in and the headset is not in standby mode as soon as the call is routed to the headset the call is answered automatically. I have checked the Hands free setting on the phone the and the auto answer is disabled.

    Is anyone else having this problem? How do I correct it?

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    Hi Anthony,

    This seems to be a problem between the H300 and the Treo 650. I've emailed both Motorola and Palm support, but not had any useful help from either of them.

    I'm thinking about taking the H300 back for a refund.

    Did you ever get it to work as expected? (i.e. to respect the Treo's auto-answer setting?).


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