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    I purchased a new 650# GSM unlocked model for use with T-Mobile. Among many problems, one of the important ones is that I can no longer use the # button when retrieving email to advance to the next message etc. When calling Palm the representative had no clue what she was talking about. By the end of the call I THINK we got to the point that Palm is aware of the problem, ays its some time of problem with the IVR Settings from T-Mobilie and that the problem cannot be solved and they aren't working on a fix. My 600 worked fine with no # problem. So, my question is, is this representative correct? If so, I will have to finally leave the Treo family because this and many other problems are just at the point where its no longer worth hit.
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    I have an un-branded 650 on TMO & I do not have that problem. FW 1.71 SW 1.20-ENA HDW A
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    Same here - no such problem. Unbranded Treo 650 on TMO, FW 1.43, SW 1.14dbg, HW A.
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    Wow. That's odd. The TMO rep said its a known problem with all GSM Treo 650's. It happens primarily when I call t-mobile and respond to a command with the # key. It ignores it even though I can visually see the # key show up on the screen at the top right. I'll have to call again and see if I can get anyone that knows what they're talking about, on the phone. Thanks.

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