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    Wow, I was pretty close--neat analogy.

    Imagine a computer that is the size of a grain of sand that can test keys against some encrypted data. Also imagine that it can test a key in the amount of time it takes light to cross it. Then consider a cluster of these computers, so many that if you covered the earth with them, they would cover the whole planet to the height of 1 meter. The cluster of computers would crack a 128-bit key on average in 1,000 years. If you want to brute-force a key, it literally takes a planet-ful of computers. And of course, there are always 256-bit keys, if you worry about the possibility that government has a spare planet that they want to devote to key-cracking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gellmanb
    Has anyone done a comparison of SplashID versus other password-storage solutions. I've used SplashID for years but I have a sense that its encryption is not state of the art (certainly it isn't 256 AES, and it doesn't require randomized data for the hash).

    I need something that syncs with a desktop PC app. Any recommendations?

    Try eWallet from Ilium Software. It syncs with the desktop. Version 4 has
    256-bit key RC-4 encryption. This program has been working great for me. The password generator is also a great feature.
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