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    I just changed to my 700p with Goodlink from a blackberry. With the blackberry I could set it to be off but the led would flash when I got a new email. It wouldn't come on or vibrate or anything. the led would just flash. Is there any way to do that with the 700p with Goodlink? I've tried LEDOFF but it isn't compatible with goodlink. Also with Butler I can customize the LED the way I want, but you can't do it without the display notification turning the screen on as well which I don't want. Is there anyway to do what I want to do?
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    Perhaps the search button might be of use to you
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    I did search, and I saw that post. Since you have to check show dialog alert the device comes "on" when you get an email. If it's off I don't want it to come on. I just want the led to blink when I get a new goodlink email. that's it.
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    bump, anyone?

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