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    So I've spent the last couple of days trying to get onto VeriChat with t-zones.

    I've read every thread (well at least I tried to look at every thread :-P)

    I learned that you had to email pdaapps to get a another version of VeriChat that's built for tzones. I did that and they indeed sent me a copy of a t-zone compatible verichat (VeriChat_tz_2.84b). i proceeded to uninstall my old version of verichat and installed the new one that they sent me. I tried connecting to aim, I still got the "AIM cannot connect to proxy server" error. I emailed pdaapps and they emailed me back telling me to install the new verichat over the version they sent me. I did that too. Did a soft reset. Connected to Tzones, then tried connecting to AIM. I got the same error.

    Also, I'm using the trial versions, I'm trying to make sure I get the settings right before I purchase anything. I want to make sure it works, but it does not seem to be working for me. Am I doing anything wrong? Is or has anyone encountered the same problem? Please help.

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    i was in the same situation as you, i got the tzones version of the app but sometimes get the cannot connect to aim proxy server message, it doesnt happen all the time so maybe just keep trying? it works for me most of the time.
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    Using tzone+verichat+treo650 for almost a year. No problem with connection on aim, yahoo, msn. I am using Verichat 2.89b.
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    So I tried to connect to AIM all day. I kept pressing connect but I kept getting the same AIM PRoxy server message.
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    Dumb question - what is tzones?
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    tzones is 5.99 internet plan for t-mobile
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    I'm going crazy.
    Can anyone give me instructions on how you got your verichat to work with tzones?

    I followed the steps pdaapps gave me and it still does not work.

    Anyone ever fix the problems with getting aim proxy server error to go away?

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    I didnt do anything but install their special version of verichat,
    take a look in your treo preferences under network, to make sure that you have tzones selected rather than t-mobile internet or t-mobile vpn.
    can you get your browser to work using the proxy method? can you download emails? I can't think of anythign else that could be causing it.
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    everything else works fine

    my internet works, i can get gmail mobile to work, i can check sites using the proxy method

    i emailed pdaapps again and they sent me another version, which still did not work.

    i'm wondering if anyone here can send me the version that they are using to see if i can get it working?
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    the version i have is VeriChat_tz_2.84b.prc i can send it to you if you pm me your email addy
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    BTW, Toccer (Free AIM Client) works just fine on T-Zones if you change the port under "Prefs" -> "Edit Profiles" to 110.
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    Meh, I'm about to give up, for all those people that actually got Toccer , or VeriChat working, I'm in Manhattan, NYC. Does anybody around here get AIM working with t-zones ?
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    I've got a toccer question: I've set the port to 110, and can connect to aim now, and can successfully send messages, but cannot receive them. any ideas?
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    verichat is the way to go. configured itself to t-zones immediately....too bad its a subscription
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    Are you guys still having problems with the unable to log into aim proxy server? Cause I haven't been able to use Verichat for a couple of days on the tzones 2.84b verichat. I'm using Toccer which is great for aim, but I like verichat with its versatility and servers.

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