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    i couldnt find this anywhere, i searched all over, but on the 700p can you apply aac ringtones to

    - in-coming texts
    - voicemail alert
    - e-mail alert

    without a 3rd party in other words...out of the box?
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    aac ringers can be applied to incoming sms messages and to voicemail


    drop down box--> phone alerts...voicemail
    messaging--> sms

    for email alerts, no uees midi files that are stored on the phone
    alarm, ring,sci-fi, those same 5 boring terrible ones
    if u want to add more

    go to the bottom and install the pdb file on your treo only

    now u have a larger selection of midi files on the treo
    can be used for to do list alarms and versamail
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    I also use Ringo to edit my text message alerts
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    I personally like the chirp...short and sweet
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    Thanks guys i really appreciate it.

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