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    I've been using Proxinet, but I'd like to try Blazer since everyone seems to think it is the fastest. I installed it and entered my name and password, but every time I open it it just hangs. If I don't press the cancel button it will eventually disconnect my IR connection. Any ideas for getting it to work?

    <----- btw I'm using my Nokia 8290 and Visor Dlx.
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    I have the same problem.
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    Same problem here too. BUT, it did work at one time. I'm assuming that some other program corrupted it, or now will not let it run. (no hacks running) Tried uninstall/reinstall, no go. I've been using Palmscape and Avantgo instead and dealing...

    Prism and Motorola Timeport, FWIW
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    Any chance that you're going through OmniSky? If so, the problem is with them. They must have changed something in their network. I've been trying both Blazer and AvantGo and cannot get through. When using the OS software everything works okay.

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    I've the same problem. I was attempting to access the Internet via a Irda connection to a GSM mobile phone.

    Palmscape doesn't have any problems with this, so I bit the bullet and paid for Palmscape.
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    I use a GSM phone and IR-link to connect my VDX wirelessly using Palmscape, Avantgo, Browse-It and AOL Mail. All work fine except Blazer which hangs as soon as I try to download a page.
    I wrote to bluelark/Handspring who said they were ironing out bugs so I was hoping the new beta 1.1 version would have things sorted.
    I've just installed it and the same thing happens.
    Any ideas ?:
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    I'm glad to see there's a thread concerning this problem©I just posted a rant on the AvantGo thread about the new AvantGo 4©0 having the same problem©

    I'm also using the 8290<->VDX setup© I'm interested to see Handspring's explaination© EIS addresses the issue in there FAQ, but only chalk it up as a problem with the IR implementation on the older Palm OS©

    Word of caution© If you're have this problem, don't upgrade to the AvantGo 4©0©

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