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    My Treo 650 is getting pretty worn out now and the corner keys (ex. P, Q) are messed up... If I just tap on the keys it enteres the character about 5-10 times and I have to tap it just right in order to enter it just once. It's pretty annoying so I'm thinking about just calling Sprint and asking for a replacement since I have insurance. Will they cover this problem? Also, I'm thinking about upgrading to the 700p in the future, when I do pay for the 700p in the future, could I activate my 650 to someone else in my family plan? I've heard you can't reactivate sprint phones to someone elses account but I'm not sure if a family member is an exception. Sorry for so many questions, thanks.
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    Actually, the P and Q buttons should be covered by the 1 year factory warrenty. I would trade my 650 in every 3 to 6 months as soon as I noticed the P button going out. This way I kept a fresh 650 with a fresh warrenty on my hands. When the 700p came out, I sold it for $400, because it was so new. Then I called ask retention to give me the phone at the $399 and and I got the phone.


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