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    I have a T650 (Verizon) and Motorola BT headsets (HS810 and HS850);
    Aside from relatively low volume I had assumed (and the documentation told me) that with these headsets I get only partial BT features - no auto call transfer, no voice dialing, etc. and I *CAN* get these features with a Palm BT headset.

    I had assumed (and the documentation implies) this is a limitation of the Headset not having the correct profiles.

    Guess again. I just took a trip abroad, and, needing a GSM phone, paired both HSxxx to my old (3-4 years old) Nokia 6310i GSM Phone.

    Hey - volume is wonderful, voice dialing works, calls are transfered, Last-Number-redial works etc. etc - even with my HS810 Headset.

    So, The headset CAN support all that. So why not with the T650? If the T650 BT support is the issue, how come it can work with a Palm BT Headset?

    Can it be that Palm deliberately tweaks the T650 BT so it will push you towards getting a Palm BT headset?
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    I would call this answering your own question.
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    What he said.
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    The Palm TWH does support the features you described BUT not with the Treo 650. It is the Treo which is limited. Go figure!
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    The Treo supports it all.
    The Headsets I used (2 kinds of Motorola) also support it all.
    Together - limited service.

    So: I don't hrink "the Treo is limited". I think this is a design decision to push me/us into buying headsets that palm has a commercial interest in.
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    I've got the Palm branded headset and the volume is still extremely low and there is no voice dialing.

    In addition, I need to re-pair it about once every two weeks or so, as it does not automatically find the headset. I'd say it automatically connects the call to the headset about half the time.

    According to what I knew even before I got the headset, there never was voice dialing from any BT headset. The only reason I got the Palm was the fact that it used the same charger as the 650, so I only need to carry the one, not separate ones for the phone and the headset.

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