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    I dont know if this is possible but i would like to find something or someone who can help me achieve it.
    I would like to synchronize my Treo 650 with my computer and/or the google services or any other service via the internet and not via hotsync. What i would like to have is an option in the Treo to upload my calendar and my address book to the web on the go. Lets say im out of town and i schedule a meeting in my calendar in my treo, i would like to push a button and upload that new entry into, lets say, my google calendar or my computer in my desktop using the internet connection i have in my treo. is this possible?


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    here are some instructions to hotsync via the internet
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    Thanks, but unfortunatelly im on a Mac and apparently there is no Network syncing.
    I will keep searching on the internet. Thanks anyways.

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    Missing Sync supports network sync for the Mac.
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    This will sync with your treo using a syncml client, such as the one from
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    You might consider using Goodlink. It will synchronize all of your Exchange Server information seamlessly and in real time between your Exchange Server and PDA without a cable sync. Your email will hit your pda faster than it hits your desktop and you can sync public/private contacts, tasks, and calendars (not sure if it will sync public calendars). I've tested it with Mailstreet and it worked well once I got it up and running.

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