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    My Treo was my first Palm device. I've always been curious, is there a way to use the short cuts?

    Most menus show a short cut with a slash + Letter (i.e. "/D").

    I always assumed that that the shortcut was intended for other palm devices with a graffiti area. That the slash was a stylus stroke on the graffiti area. Is this true? Is there no way a treo can make use of these shortcuts?
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    Are you using a treo 600 or 650? It shouldn't matter but try hitting the the menu button + the letter.
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    That's right. On the Treo 700p the / symbol is replaced with a :menu: symbol, but it's the same process on the 650
    ie. Pressing :menu: then C will perform a 'copy' operation.
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    I have a 650.

    I see said the blind man.

    Thanks. Curiosity gone!

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