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    I have a third party database/address book software that i have been hotsyncing to me Treo 600 with unlimited entries.

    Now that i've upgraded to the 650, i am finding that not all of the entries are making it into the phone.

    Does anyone know what the max # of entries can be into the 650?

    And to clarify, i mean each entry is a new contact, phone, address, etc. ie. My current database contains about 5,200 people or companies in it.


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    I have found that the limit is between 3,000 and 4,000. And Palm refuses to fess up! It's pathetic because I could sync 7,000+ contacts on the Treo 600 using the same exact database.

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    I just purchased the 650 late may 2006
    It cant sort by company name & I have 1600 contacts
    Palm tech in the Philippines told me that its a software glitch
    No solutions given other than keep cheking web site for patch/fix
    Were you able to solve your probelm and what software are you using
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    FOR RECORD LIMIT:,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(19008),ts=Palm_External2001

    It cant sort by company name & I have 1600 contacts
    yes you can... however, it will list names w/o company on its details 1st.
    that is the undying problem.

    but if all of your contacts have company names, it will display company names then lastname.

    but its a definit that it will display names w/o company names in their details.
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    PD has 10,347 as the max limit....but

    "The built-in Personal Information Manager (PIM) functions of Palm Desktop have limits for the number of chracters and records. These limits depend on which version you are running.

    Note that these limitations apply only to the Palm Desktop application on your desktop or laptop computer. Your handheld may have different limitations

    As for the 650,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(24515),ts=Palm_External2001

    There is a limit of 10,376 number of records that can be synchronized to the Palm™ Desktop Address book application (for Windows), and a limit of 9,866 records you can manually 'enter in' the Desktop. After 9,866, you can no longer enter new records in the Palm Desktop; however, you can synchronize up to 10,376.

    You can continue to enter new records in the handheld, but these new records (beyond 9,866) will not synchronize to the Desktop. The maximum number of records the handheld can store is proportional to the amount of memory available. Thus, this maximum number may vary depending on handheld and the amount of memory (RAM) available.

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