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    I have developed a dynamic blind schedule in Excel, but unfortunately it uses Macros and there aren't any PalmOS applications that support macros in Excel.

    As a result, I'm wondering if there's already and existing PalmOS based application for Poker Blind Schedules. If there isn't, is there a way I can set off an alarm every 25 mins as a reminder for us to increase the blinds each time the alarm goes off?

    I wish there was a better way but as of right now, the only way I see a blind schedule working on Palm is to have it written in text format and then just set the alarm to go off every 25-30 mins, however often you want the blinds increased. Downside is that it's dynamic, it doesn't take into consideration how many players, chips in play, rebuys etc... but just thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone has found any better solutions?

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    this would be a nice little app. dont know of anything similiar to what you are looking for specifically for poker blinds.
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    I started my Hold 'em tourneys using Bob's Alarm which has since been replaced by mobileCLOCK. The repeating timer feature worked great for a simple blinds timer.

    However since then I stumbled across Dr. Neau's Tournament Manager. Not built for PalmOS, but this is a fantastic tournament hosting program that offers a free basic version (and reasonably priced for a couple advanced features). The support is great too. I run it on my XP laptop, but it claims to run on any platform with Java 1.4.2. Check it out.

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    I use this in a crunch it's pretty good:
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    Perfect... thanks!

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