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    I did a search and did not find a similar problem, so here goes...

    When I take pictures, I just take them to "Unfiled" on my 1 GB PNY SD card. The other night, I was using the camera and took several pictures successfully. I put it away for like 10 minutes and then tried to use the camera again, but it wouldn't take a picture.

    Well I've determined that it will ONLY not take pictures and save them to "Unfiled" on the card. It just doesn't do anything. With sound on, when I hit the center button, it makes the normal button click sound (not camera sound). So I know the button is responding. It's just refusing to perform the function.

    It will take video to "Unfiled" on the card. It will take pictures and video to "Unfiled" on the device. Now the strange part of this is, if I lock the SD card and try to take a picture to "Unfiled" on the card, I get the error message that the card is locked.

    I was messing around troubleshooting and I found that I can create a new album on the card and takes pictures to it, but still not to "Unfiled."

    I have tried every type of reset, including hard reset. Still the same problem after a hard reset with no 3rd party software installed.

    I know there are several work arounds for this, but I just find it frustrating and wish to know what is going on. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Let me know if you need any details about my device.
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    How many files are in the DCIM folder on your card? Seems like there is a limit of 512 files in a folder with FAT16.....not 100% sure of this, since my DOS days were sooooo long ago, but that's where I'd start looking.
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    I don't have anywhere near 512 files in that directory. But just so I'm clear on how to check this; I go to Card Info and look at:

    Image Directory:
    39 Items, 2.2 MB

    Should I be including the other directories as well? Even so, with all directories combined, I still have no where near 512 files.

    Any other ideas?
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    Well, since I didn't have much on my card and all of my photos and vids were backed up from synching, I reformatted my SD card. That seems to have corrected the problem. Strange...I wonder how and why this was caused. I wish I would have tried that before doing a hard reset. Oh well.

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