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    Is it possible to sync my Outlook Inbox/Outbox/etc with my Treo 650 without having it try to sync with my POP email account? I don't want the Treo to download email that isn't already in my Outlook.

    I have versamail 3.0 and it doesn't seem like this is an option.

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    Hmm... no one has any suggestions on this? I'm surprised if there is no way for me to sync my Treo with *only* my Outlook email and not the POP3 account.

    The reason I ask is because if I sync with the POP3 account, then my Outlook won't retrieve the email that my Treo already retreived. Also, the Treo doesn't want to retrieve any old emails from Outlook... only the POP3.

    Any ideas, anyone?
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    Google would have given you an answer...

    I believe there is a product called InboxToGo or something like that, I used to use it on my 600

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    Another solution to your predicament would be an IMAP account.

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    As far as I know, InBoxToGo requires wireless data transfer. I'd rather not pay for data exchange... I'm looking for a program that will sync my emails in Outlook with my Treo via a HotSync (as opposed to a wireless sync).
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    I sync to my Outlook inbox over the air with Versamail (to my Exchange Server), so I'm not sure about this solution but it seems to me in the HotSync software I have carefully told HotSync to NOT sync Versamail (and the calendar). This leads me to believe that the Palm software that came with the Treo might solve this problem. Maybe Chapura?

    And there -- ta dah -- is my completely uninformed opinion on something I know nothing about. It's sorta like a drunk at a party walking up to a group of people in conversation and saying, "I don't know what you were talking about but here's what I think . . . . "
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    Don't get inbox 2 go. It's a piece of junk and does not work as advertised.

    As for your problem - you have not done a very good job of describing what you are doing or what you want it to do. So it's a little difficult to help.

    In versamail setup you can set which accounts synch and don't synch. Assuming that's what you are trying to do.
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    guardup: Not sure I understand what you are trying to do, but if you are asking what I think you are asking, FrozenCode is right. I've used inbox to go (not inbox to go wireless) for months to hotsync my Outlook inbox and outbox with my treo. (I've never had a problem with Inbox to Go). I use versamail to download mail wirelessly from the server, with versamail set to leave on server, so mail downloaded by versamail is still available for outlook to download.
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    Okay... I'll give this another shot.
    I don't want my treo to download email from my email account. All I want to do is duplicate what is in my inbox and outbox in Outlook onto my Treo. Chapura used to do this for me with my Palm Pilot. Perhaps I need to go back to using Chapura.

    As far as I understand Versamail, it will sync my incoming mail from my POP3 server - but not from my Outlook. As far as I understand InBox2Go, it requires a wireless sync (which costs money from a cell phone) as opposed to a HotSync (which is a free sync via a cable).

    I don't need to send/receive email from my treo. All I need to do is import my inbox and sent items from Outlook so that I can look up old emails... and have it update everytime I do a HotSync.

    That way I don't get hit with data transfer fees and I can also view emails that are in Outlook on my computer (at least the last few days worth).

    Does that make more sense?

    Thanks for the help, everyone.
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    Eudora Internet Suite (free but no longer supported. It works well though) will allow you to hotsync your Outlook inbox. The emails will stay in you Outlook inbox as well. You can compose emails on the Treo and when you hotsync they will be transferred to your outlook outbox for delivery.

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    I've attached a zip-file that contains a hack for allowing you to syncronize Outlook's Inbox with Versamail. I found the hack somewhere on the net (searching with Google). It has worked great for me. Only does the Inbox though. Directions for instaling are in the zip file.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guardup
    Okay... I'll give this another shot....
    Did you read my earlier response? Does that not answer your question?

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    You CAN synch Versamail with Outlook - you just need to install the Outlook Conduits.

    However, I don't think this will synch your outbox.

    Dataviz use to have a pro version of the Sync program Palm use to use - which would let you synch any other folders your wanted in contacts or Outlook. I couldn't find it with a quick look on their site though.
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    As far as I know, InBoxToGo requires wireless data transfer
    i disagree... it works w/ HS (hotsync) as well... you need to configure it properly.

    treo-mike is right about the outbox issue...

    posted by guardup:
    Is it possible to sync my Outlook Inbox/Outbox/etc with my Treo 650 without having it try to sync with my POP email account?
    via cable, well that depends...

    *if your outlook inbox is a diff email account, then yes.
    create an account for the treshold of your outlook inbox.
    make sure that Enable HotSync synchronization is checked in the versamail advance settings in the computer.

    *otherwise, no by default. but there are SW out there that may give us that functionality.
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    There are two versions of Inbox to go:
    - Inbox to go
    - Inbox to go wireless

    Inbox to go: does NOT provide wireless email access. It is hotsync cable (or bluetooth...) only. It syncs with the inbox and outbox of outlook.

    Inbox to go wireless: wirelessly downloads email and syncs with outlook inbox (and outbox I believe) via hotsync.

    Treo-Mike is right in that I believe you can also get versamail on the treo 650 to sync (via hotsync) with outlook's inbox if you install the older conduit. But I think running inbox to go for hotsync plus versamail separately for wireless is more reliable.

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    There are two versions of Inbox to go:
    - Inbox to go
    - Inbox to go wireless
    ok, i stand corrected...
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    Well, I tried Eudora and it hangs up as it tries to sync my email... I have *tons* of email in my Outlook inbox... but I only want to sync the last 30 or so messages. However, Eudora doesn't seem to allow you to configure this and it appears to be trying to transfer way too much. When I interrupted the transfer after 1 hour of waiting it out, I found 44 emails in my Treo Inbox and none in the outbox. So it is trying to work, but failing some place.

    Guess it's time to try Inbox To Go. However, I can't find a non-wireless version at the Dataviz site. Any suggestions?
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    I thought the two were bundled together and at the time of setup you were able to choose whether you wanted to sync with outlook or go wireless?

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