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    Well, I was bored this Sunday afternoon. REALLY bored.

    I've had a Seidio dock connector 1/8" headphone adapter for a while, but I decided to hack into it today. I wanted to get rid of the "pigtail" and integrate the jack directly into the dock connector. I also wanted to 'hack' this one to enable the built-in microphone for phone calls. I took a few pictures along the way (click them to make them bigger.) So here goes:
    This is the jack I bought at radio shack. It's a bit thinner than the other one you had, but it fit a lot better when I took off the clear plastic cover from the top. I don't have a 'before' picture of the jack, but if you try it yourself you'll see what I'm talking about.
    I opened the Seidio adapter and used a pocket knife to get all of the 'extra' plastic out of the way.
    Here's the dock connector from the Seidio part. It's a fairly standard setup - the pin numbers are available elsewhere on the forum.
    Here is the new headphone adapter with its new wires.
    After some scrappy soldering, the new jack is connected to the dock connector... and it works!
    Here's a close-up - this one also shows how the two last pins are soldered together to enable the mic. (Thanks again, Treocentral!)
    Here's everything crammed into the dock connector. It barely fits...
    When I cram it closed. I cut off the rubber strain reliever on the old cable to fill the hole, and I also added a little keyring so I can carry this thing around on my keys and not worry about leaving it at home or at work.
    Here's the dock side.
    Finally, here's what it looks like "in the wild." I'm pretty pleased with it, even though it's kind of scrappy looking.
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    There is only one thing to say to you:
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    you didnt like the seidio headphone jack thats this solution with a cord at that bottom? (minus the wicked cool idea of the key ring)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdhntr23
    you didnt like the seidio headphone jack thats this solution with a cord at that bottom?
    Funny you should mention that... That's what this is built from! I like to prop up my Treo and watch video on the treadmill (or occasionally at work, but don't tell anyone). This gives it a nice 'bottom' to sit on. Also, once I got inside the connector, I determined it would probably be an easier fit to have it come out sideways. It could PROBABLY fit coming out the bottom if Seidio wanted to design one like that, though...
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    yeah Ive always wondered why they had it coming out of the bottom. Ive heard of a couple of other guys making somthing more like a "bar" or a "log" thats thinner and runs the bottom of the unit while the headset jack is on the side. I remember another guy either saying he was going to try it or suggested ... mounting this solution to the battery door for more stability.

    Ive often wondered if it was possible on this set up to allow it to actually charge/sync with a pass thru so that one never had to remove the dongle.
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.

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