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    It just sits and sits, then tells me the connection to my computer can't be made. Arrg!

    The cable seems loose, but I'm hearing the "usb connected" sound from the treo and my desktop.

    Any suggestions?
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    My 700p came with a defective sync cable... I went to CompUSA and had to get a replacement one... Have had no issues since.
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    Yep, as said in another post - also, please do not cross-post. Ask your question in one place, life is easier that way. Ben
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    Is a defective sync cable common?

    Blk: Was your defective one really really loose?
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    Very common/ Ben
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    Thanks Ben! I'll head out in the morning to hunt one down. Hopefully it will fix my problems, minus having my contacts/calander...I'm loving this beast compared to the 6700.
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    Went out and got a new cable...

    Same freakin' thing. The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop can not be established.

    This is really annoying, and if this is a sign of things to come with this then I'm getting rid of it now.
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    Well....After being bounced around by Sprint and Palm for about 2 hours, I went out and got another Treo 700p. Guess what? STILL WON'T SYNC! And thats on 3 computers now.
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    Do you have an Ipod? Or another device that syncs to the computer? I had a very similar problem with my Treo 700p at first. What about a card reader for a digital camera? If so, I may be able to help.
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    I do have an Ipod, and I do have a card reader (CompactFlash)

    Apparently I have a ticket number for tech support, and they will be "going into" my phone.
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    I just hooked it up to my laptop, and when I do...I get the generic Windows has found new hardware..Treo 700p.

    When I connect it to my main desktop? nada.

    Suggestions Akula?
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    Sounds like you forgot to install the software first?

    If you did, can you give us a detailed description of what you're doing from the first to last step? 3 Computers and 2 Units usually means you're doing something wrong.
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    Well, I first install the software from the CD. No hicups in that happening, then when it asks for the first time synch, I connect the treo to the usb cord, then that into the computer. Nothing happens, or anything with windows detecting it. Then I hit the sync button on the cradle..nada

    I used to have a Sony Clie, unsure if there is still something looming around from that 2+ years ago. I'll have to look into that.
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    Ok, sorry. It was time for bed. Here's what I think it is. My computer was recognizing the Palm as a "Mass Storage Device" or something along those lines. Go to your Device Manager under settings. Expand these three trees: Palm Devices,
    Storage Volumes, and USB Controllers. What I think is happening is that your computer is recognizing the Treo as the wrong kind of device and is assigning the wrong driver to it, or multiple drivers at the same time. So the solution I used was to either disable the automatic download of the card reader or to see what windows was assigning the Treo using the Device Manager and then under properties, "Disable this profile." It's been a couple of months, so it may take a little dialog from us to get it, but I had the same problem. We'll work it out. Let me know.
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    Akula: I've looked into it and disabled any profiles for anything else plugged into my usb ports.

    The oddest thing is, when the Treo is connected to the desktop, windows won't even tell me it's being seen "New Hardware Found"...
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    The problem is fixed!!!

    After digging around on this site and hitting up google.

    Apparently whenever I connected the Treo to Windows XP it was detecting it as MDP, well I went ahead and found that in the device driver, updated the driver to a folder titled USB in the Palm directory. All is well

    Thanks everyone!

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