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    I too am having the battery drain problem, and I am completely unable to figure out what is going on. Some times I get three days of use on a single charge, other times I can go to bed with 90% charge and then wake up in the morning and the phone has shut down for low battery during the night. The one thing that I have observed is that I never get much drain during the day. With a freshly charged battery at 8 am, I always have between 85% and 90% at 11pm. But at night, sometimes I go from 90% to 80% and other times I go from 90% to 4%. So clearly something is happening overnight that is draining the battery when the phone is doing nothing but sitting on top of my dresser. So I was wondering if there is an application that will keep a log of which applications have been used and the time that they were used. This would allow me to identify the offending application. I've searched PalmGear, Handango and MyTreo and haven't found anything like that, so it may not exist.

    FWIW, I don't use VersaMail, Chatter or any other applications that is accessing the internet. I do have BackupBuddy VFS backing up my device, but those backups only take less than 5 monutes, so I don't think that they are the problem.

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    I am not an expert treo user: use it for phone, web, modem to PC, and scheduling / tasks. I had the Treo 650 and upgraded to the 700p. BT is off, screen brightness much lower than on 650, IR is off, email not set up. Battery drain is about 2X-3X on the 650. Will last about a day with light usage; 650 would go easily 2 days with medium use. This is unacceptable. I have read a number of posts about battery drain and a lot of speculation about the cause. Can some one give a step by step procedure to minimize all battery drain. As the original poster suggested, something is draining it on its own; don't really care what it is - just want to stop it.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    I'm hardly an expert either, though the 700p is my fifth smart phone (the others were the Kyocera 6035, 7135, Treo 600 and 650). Out of the box, I'd say that the 700p had slightly worse battery life than the 650, due mainly, IMO, to what seems like a brighter screen. I have to turn the brightness way down on the 700p for it to be the same brightness as the 650 in the middle of the range. Also, using the web seems to drain a lot more power on the 700 than the 650. I used to get at least 4 days on one charge on the 650 and, out of the box around 3 days on teh 700p. But the drain I'm now getting is something more preverse and erratic, and I suspect that there is some rogue application draining the battery during the night. For example, I put in a fresh battery at around noon Saturday. I didn't use the phone much during the day, and when I went to bed it was at 88% charge. In the morning it had already shut off due to low battery and it had not been used at all -- it was just sitting in my pocket doing nothing. I left it to charge all day and turned it on around 5 pm. I made a few calls, played a few games of Sudoku and browsed the web for about 1/2 hour. I left it on all night and this morning it was at 89% power. Why it went dead on Saturday night but hardly drained at all on Sunday night is, I think, the key that will unlock the battery drain issue.

    By the way, if you had a 650, have you tried using the battery from the 650 in the 700p? I found that my old 650 battery has MUCH better life than the apparently identical one supplied with my 700p.

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    This automation will result in less stress when your PalmOS PDA crashes. And if your PDA crashed in the middle of the night the automatic reset prevents its batteries to drain, as it will not stay on all night, until you eventually press the Reset button in the morning.

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