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    I have two separate speaker issues, on two different phones:

    #1: (the good news)

    I'm posting this because I had this problem and couldn't find anything about it when I searched.

    On my gsm treo 600, the rear speaker (speakerphone, system sound, etc) stopped working after a drop--and what's more, every time the phone attempted to use this speaker, I'd get a hard (battery disconnect even?) reset, and have to plug the phone into a charger just to get the thing to turn on again. Flipping the switch on top of the phone to silent did the trick most of the time, except when I accidentally hit the speakerphone button instead of the hang up button and was stuck without a phone until I could get to a charger.

    I was a little frightened to open up the phone, but when I finally did, the fix was simple. The speaker, which is held by rubber holes on plastic pegs to the rear case and contacts the motherboard with springs, had jumped its little pegs and slid down to the battery. I moved the speaker back to its original hiding place and now that phone works fine. I hope this can help someone with the same problem get up the courage to open the phone and put their speakerphone back to work.

    #2: (the bad news)

    This is a friend's Sprint Treo 600. I believe it may have come after a drop, but am not sure. The front speaker seems to have stopped working completely. All of her calls have to be taken on speakerphone or through an earpiece. What strikes me as odd is that the speakerphone still works, so this is not the obvious "ghost jack" problem. I do suspect that it may still be a headphone jack problem, but would like confirmation of this before I start soldering. Also, I've seen the treotricks blog about fixing 650s, but this is a 600, and I'm not exactly sure which contact is which. If anyone has done a jack repair on a 600, and would like to clarify which contact is which and, more specifically, which one I should bridge to get the front speaker rolling again, I would be very grateful.

    Thanks a gagillion.
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    I have a phone from rogers and I had the issue where I couldn't hear the caller. I did a patch download @ and it has not happened since.
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    For those interested in problem 2:

    After not looking at this problem for a while, she dropped the phone again and said that this temporarily solved the problem. This made it sound to me like there was some mechanical issue, much like the one I had experienced. So I took this phone apart, following some screen replacement instructions, so that I could at least see what the front speaker looked like.

    There are two bendy contacts, similar in design to the speakerphone in that the circuit is completed by two spring-loaded contacts, as opposed to wires. These are just bent flat pieces of metal instead of springs--making them more susceptible to bending out of shape on a drop.

    This is exactly what had happened. One of the contacts was visibly bent down toward the front of the phone, and thus away from where it needed to touch the contact. I simply carefully bent this up, so that it was parallel with the other contact, reassembled the phone, and it was worked again.

    I hope this helps someone else with a similar problem, as I was surprised to find such easy remedies to both of these problems without seeing any mention of them on the boards.

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