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    Owner of a 700p less than a month (and still learning and finding my way around) ...... have downloaded and installed a bunch of demo software trying to decide what works best for me. Anywho - is there an easy way to get what I don't want - off my Treo (and any associated files) or is it just as easy (and less hassle) to go ahead and spring for an uninstall manager.

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    The built-in deletion doesn't always get all files from programs. If you are trying out a lot of software I would recommend Uninstall Mananger and Clean Up (NeatFreak Pack) from UM will monitor apps you install after UM is installed, so it's always a good idea to have UM be the first program you load. Clean Up will get any left over files.
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    I am thinking of installing Northglides Neat Freak Pack, but does anyone know how long the free trail is? I have read the instructions, but do I really have to run all new programs in the main memory before transferring them to the SD card? Wouldn't it just be easier to Hotsync FileZ, DA, Flight Status and my games directly to the SD card in quick installation or will Uninstall Manager not recognize them that way?
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    Nortthglides Uninstall Manager can't help if iyt wasn't on the devcie BEFORE you insytalled those apps you wanna get rid of.....cleanup can help with some ofthem.
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    A good launcher that has the ability to do the "group" thing may be your answer. ZLauncher supports that function. Ben
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    How beneficial is "clean up"? I bought Uninstall Manager but didn't spring for the package that included "clean up?
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    gijohn, with LauncherX you can just drag the program icon into the trash and it gives you options on what you want to delete related to that program. I'm not sure if it is as efficient as an uninstall manager (doubt it) but you should at least have a look at it. It gives you a lot more that just an uninstall manager would and keeps things simple.

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