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    Deleting a file (about 75MB is the size I've been testing) from an SD card that's formatted as FAT32 causes my Treo 700p to lock up, and then after the reset I seem to get some file corruption issues.

    It freezes whether I use the Palm-supplied program, or Filez, or Resco Explorer. And it happens on both a 2gig and 4gig card of different brands. When I reformat the 2gig card as FAT rather than FAT32, deletes work fine again.

    But that's not an option with a 4gig card, I believe, because it can't address all 4gig then.

    Anyone out there have the same issue? Any solutions?
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    I had a similar problem with my 4gb card. Formatting it in the Treo, rather than with my PC, fixed the problem.
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    Unfortunately, the same problem continues for me after reformatting the card in the Treo.

    Best workaround I've found is renaming the file with the prefix "xxx" and then delete it from my PC card reader later.
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    As a rule of thumb, I always use my card reader when working with large files. I do this for performance reasons, but I guess my instincts were good, as you're saying there are stability issues.
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    Hey do us all a favor.. Open a case with Palm, so it gets fixed in the next firmware update. (Pretty please)
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    I went to the Palm web site and support, and when I chose the Sprint 700p they directed support issues to the Sprint support line. At that point I figured it was worthless. If I figure out how to enter something in the support forums, maybe that will still be beneficial. I'll give that a try when I get a chance.

    I'd like to be able to delete, for example, if on vacation without a card reader and wanting to download content after making room by deleting videos. But I suppose most of the time it's not a problem to leave a little free space, as 4gig is quite "roomy" compared to a 2gig card!

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