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    Does anyone here that have had a Blackberry and have used Berry 411? Do you know if it will work on a Treo 650? The berry 411 runs off Blackberry's java platform and accesses the web and does more than the freeware DA of Treo.

    I would try it if I could but right now, my treo isn't working since I'm waiting for a sim tray to be shipped to me so no sim card for me right now. I've just been playing around with the PDA functionality until mid next week.

    If no one has tried it, I will report back next week and see if it works

    Here's a link to Berry 411:
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    Havent played with it, but between Genius and Directory Assistant, the Treo should have you covered.
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    I tested Genius yesterday (on a PDA-only Treo) - it approaches the functionality of Berry411 but not quite. From what I could see:

    1) It doesn't keep list of keywords that I have used before (walmart, Treo, INTC)
    2) It doesn't have the ability to save addresses so I can just pull it up without retyping it every single time.

    I'll give it a try as soon as I get my sim card and get this thing installed. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

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