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    Does ZZTech's ZLink work like PowerRun?
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    Other apps that move related dbs as well are

    TealAliasTM by Tealpoint

    Free up memory and make the most of external expansion cards with TealAlias shortcuts. Placeholder 'Alias' files automatically find, load, and launch apps and data from external SD cards, increasing available main memory.

    Similar to Windows "shortcuts" or MacOS "aliases", TealAlias aliases take up very little space, and can free up main memory by loading both apps and their data files from VFS-compatible external cards only when needed. TealAlias can also be used to add card support to launchers or programs which require their data be resident in main memory, or to allow card-based applications to be placed in launcher categories.

    Lastly, TealAlias can be used to provide icon and launcher support to individual document files, automatically launching supporting applications to open up specific documents with a single tap. TealAlias is PalmOS 5 compatible, and supports both Sony and Palm full screen and landscape (rotated display) modes.

    LinkStart by

    Look for application databases using creator ID and move all of them to card. Same default behavior. LinkStart also features support for applications that use more than one creator ID. You can explicitly specify which databases belong to the application and how they should be handled when application starts or quits
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    Question-do the different third party apps (powerrun, zlauncher, etc) move applications to and from the card at different speeds, or is the speed the result of one's card and phone? I mean, for example, will powerrun move ereader to the card at the same speed as zlauncher?
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    I think it is about the same speed, I have never checked.

    Hold on let me check:

    Just moved the game Book worm to and from the Card using Zlauncher. 322k It took 2 secs to move to the card and 3 secs to bring it back.

    Now for PowerRun...

    WOW! Same amount of time.. Infact no difference in time at all.

    Well problem solved.
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