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    A buddy of mine just got a Sidekick III.

    On my 650 with EDGE, I can get speeds on dslreports of around 90-115kb/sec.

    On his Sidekick III, last night he got speeds of 1056kb/sec.

    Life sucks.
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    Do keep in mind that something is confounding your friend's test results. EDGE is not capable of speeds that fast. You might get those speeds with a really good Ev-DO connection (CDMA), but not on EDGE. Even on Ev-DO most people don't get 1mbps like that.
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    This was I assume it was EVDO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MVT
    This was I assume it was EVDO.
    T-Mobile is on GSM, not CDMA. They don't have Ev-DO, they have EDGE, so your friend should be getting similar results to you.

    After a bit of research, it seems that the reason the Sidekick gets such fast speeds is because its internet is going through Danger's (the makers of the sidekick I believe) proxy servers. Your friend was getting the speed results of Danger's proxy servers, not the actual speed of his Sidekick.

    Personally, I wouldn't be jealous of his speeds at all. He has all that speed, but what can he do with it? I don't believe the Sidekick can be used as a modem (the primary use for such a fast connection), and I doubt the Sidekick can render webpages fast enough for you to recognize the extra speed, although I'm just assuming and may be wrong.

    Keep in mind that, if there was a GSM 700p, it would either be EDGE or UMTS. If it was UMTS, then you would theoretically be able to get speeds up to 1920 kbps. However, if it's just EDGE like the 650, you'd be seeing basically the same speeds as your 650 right now. Perhaps that's why they haven't released a new PalmOS GSM Treo....if they can't give it faster internet, then they know that there's not much else to add (1.3MP camera and more memory probably wouldn't convince many customers to upgrade).
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    Can we hijack into their proxy? :-D
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    I thought Palm didn't release a new GSM device because they promised six months to CDMA carriers?

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    GSM Networks are using HSDPA. If their original schedule is holding Cingular will have completed about 50% of their GSM rollout of HSDPA 3.6 Unfortunately haven't seen anything published since March or so.

    HSDPA 1.8 is equivalent to todays EVDO speeds, 3.6 as you might guess is twice as fast.

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