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    I installed a custom rom on my cing 650 and now I cannot hotsync

    I get this message
    "Unable to initiate hotsync operation due to system error"

    What files are needed to hotsync?? maybe I took it out however I only took out the webtips, tutorials, real player, welcome, etc.. and did not install anything except the fat32.prc.

    Any help please
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    Put in Rom "RelHtalLib.prc".

    Have you deleted it in the group of files of Real Player?
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    yes I deleted that. will put it back in.
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    That's the problem.

    "RelHtalLib.prc" is not a file of Real Player.

    It's a system file.
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    ok putting it back and putting in FM blazer as well. lets see if it will work
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    I cant get the FM blazer to work. I am getting 4 files for FM blazer and it goes in loop mode.

    These are the files for Fm that I am putting in.
    web tips
    web tipe_en US

    The files that I took out and replaced are below

    what am I doing wrong?
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    But your problem was hotsync.......

    Can you hotsync now?
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    yes I can hotsync now.. everything aok! thanks for your help.

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