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    i have the trial of pdanet to go online with my sprint treo 650 wihtout having to pay even more money to go onilne on my computer. it works okay, but only gets me 192kbs whcich is awfuly slow, slower than going online on the actual handheld. is there anyway i can get this faster?

    Is it possible to just buy the palm desktop for 50 cd-rom? becuase downloading it you miss a few important thigns, like using quickinstall to convert files
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    192kbps is probably inaccurate. I don't think 1xRTT supports speeds that fast.The max speed on a Treo 650 shouldn't be more than 144kbps.

    If you want faster modem speeds, you'd need to get a new phone (such as the Treo 700p) or a data card.

    As for the CD, if you search in these forums or look online, someone has posted it for download.

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