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    Quote Originally Posted by batmon
    Cool... didn't even notice that! Just got one and I will let you know how it goes. :-)

    Thanks...I'd really like to hear your impression of this battery; how well it fits in the Treo, battery life, voltage, etc.

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    re the voltage: one company may be reporting max volts the other may report avg volts..very common with batteries and may account for the diff
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    My just arrived. Shipping is really fast and it is nicely packed! The battery fits just right. I kind of have to push it a bit to have the battery goes in. However, it seems like it fits perfectly. The org. back plate goes in fine too. It is charging now. I will let you know how it goes.

    I am really excited now!!

    p.s. it seems like the 2400 sold out. some other guy selling the same battery on eBay but the shipping along is like $27!

    This guy still have 2200 ones. If my 2400 works out good, I am thinking about buying this 2200 one too since it is $7 cheaper then 2400. :-p
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    So what's the consensus? Do you really have to do a hard reset first for the Seido extended battery to be recognized by the Treo? I would really prefer not to do a hard reset.

    Also, is first draining the battery to zero before charging up the correct thing to do? For those people who have NOT done these 2 steps, are you not getting any improved battery life as a result?

    Just curious because I just received my Seido extended battery today, and am using it right away without doing anything to it. I haven't had any time to make observations yet on this.

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    Mine 2400 Seidio battery will only recharge in the phone. It will not charge in the Seidio charger. Red light does not even go on.
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