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    Toysoft has updated their personal audio recorder pro to v3.3
    According to their website:

    .Background recording
    .Record any length to main memory and on the card. (Depends on available memory)
    .Play back recorder voice memo
    .Play any part of the voice memo, rewind, fast forward
    .Pause recording and play back
    .Import wave file from the card to main memory
    .Export voice memo to the card
    .Beam or Send files to other device or to application for delivery
    .Append multiple voice memos into one
    .Supports multiple cards and VFS
    .Supports Exchange Manager. Set PAR PRO as the default
    wav player
    .Save File Marker and play back markers
    .Highly configurable
    .Keyboard short cuts
    .Export voice memo to the card
    .Treo 600/650/700P: Supports headset recording and playback
    .Treo 600/650/700P: Redirect audio the Handset, Headset or
    SpeakerPhone.  Listen to your voice memo in privacy with
    Handset mode.

    .Listen to voicemail sent to you via email (Now free with
    PAR PRO)

    .Record and Playback GSM 7.11 wav formats
    .Intuitive user interface

    here is the link
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    Wow sounds cool! How does it compare/beat CallRec?
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    Quote Originally Posted by theleetbeagle
    Wow sounds cool! How does it compare/beat CallRec?
    i believe callRec is just a simple voice recorder with phone call support. PAR PRO cant record phone calls the way callrec does but PAR does have alot of features.

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