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    Am demoing ringo pro. All of the sudden it has stopped working completely. The trial program is still there but the phone either doesn't ring at all or it defaults back to my old midi tones. If it is a 7 day trial, will it just stop working after the 7 days. Every other program I have tried, either keeps working with limited usage, or comes up with a screen telling you to register in order to keep using it. This one just stopped altogether with no message. I want to know whether to buy or not. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I believe it shuts off after trial date. Some apps will be limited & some will just lock. Ringo Pro is a good app, simple, easy to use & less buggy than the others I've tried. If its worked well with/for you & your happy with it, go for it. Good Luck!
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    I use it...I made my own mp3 ringtones with problems. I did have a reset today...but it was probably LJP.
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    Ringo is known for resets ... in fact, I can't think of one ringtone app that is entirely stable. good luck!
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    RingoPro 4.452 and custom voice ring tones sound awesome together!

    Make custom voice audio files HERE free. Convert the files to .MP3 (I used iTunes) and use them with RingoPro. They sound great.
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    I have Ringo as well but since the install my phone doesn't ring at all and doesn't even alert me to incoming calls with text. what am I likely doing wrong?
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    A matter of fact any 3rd party app for Ringtones will either work or it won't obviously some people are having problems and some are not. As for my Ringo didnt work most of the time my phone would reset itself in the middle of a call or when an incoming call came in.
    So I called the manufacture and they gave me refund with out any questions The rep didnt know why it would work on some phones and not others. I have checked around with palm even tho they sell ringo on their website and they tell me the dont recommend any 3rd party software for the treo 650. It's a crap shoot!

    If anyone out there has used any other program as a ringtone manager Please let me know Im willing to try em all till i find one that works.....

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    Strange. Ringo 4.452 immediately stopped recognizing my SD card right after it did its mandatory soft reset after installer was finished. I remembered trying that a few weeks previously and at that time I had several apps installed and didn't know which was causing this problem.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Is iflyrjs related to EP?
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    Mini Tones is getting a trial run from me now.
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    Yeah, minitones is the answer for me. Minitones + Audacity =
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    Ringo is a piece of ****. It reset my phone all the bloody time.

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