I previously had my 700p paired with a Palm Treo Wireless headset, working fine. This AM, I turned on the handheld with the red button and it reset. Not sure why. I tried to make a call after turning on the BT headset and it wouldn't connect... wouldn't even make the headset symbol where the bluetooth icon is in the top right. I tried turning the 700p off and on, doing a soft reset, turning off/on the headset, nothing works. When I try to repair the headset with the 700p, the Treo can't even see the headset despite it being "discoverable". Strangely, my iMac and MacBookPro can't see the headset either... but they can't see the 700p when it's discoverable?!?!? Lots of bluetooth issues. I've tried pairing the headset and 700p with both computers 1 at a time and neither computer sees either of them, so I'm confused where the problem is at. I rebooted with extensions off and deleted the "Bluetooth..." files from RAM, then restarted and they were recreated fresh. There are no "known devices" in my list, either. Any thoughts on how to proceed? The headset appears to be working, not sure why it won't connect unless it's broken but still on? Other thoughts?