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    Here's a link to FCC 700p website that includes documents of the 700p submitted by Verizon.

    The website has images of Treo's innards. So if you ever wondered what was inside this little dream machine look no further.

    Ah! those PCBs look quite sexy indeed...
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    Oh, the indecency! I thought the Treo had a little more class than that.

    Won't somebody please think of the children?
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    I'm such a loser. I thought you were gonna hook me up with streaming Pr0n! ugh. next time give me the girls.

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    Ahhhhh.. so that's what the really weak IR port looks like... *sigh*
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    Whew! The label inside even reads, "Treo XXX" !
    It's not the heat; it's the stupidity!
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    I read a post here a little while back about a guy throwing his new 700p against a wall during a fight with his girlfriend. This is a much cheaper way to see the 700p's guts.

    If you zoom in on the mirror in the "External Photos" pdf, you can see the person taking the picture. Looks like a chick with dark hair with a top on that shows some cleavage. I guess that's as close to pr0n as we are going to get
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