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    I'm the anti-thesis of a power user. I'm still cruising along with my old 600 (Sprint). I'm out of contract, so I think I can work a deal with Sprint (or anybody else).

    When I bought my 600 a few years ago, I was on the road more than I am now. These days I don't even ususally pull email on it (unless I'm specifically waiting for something or out of the office for an extended period of time).

    It's really phone, all my Outlook data (calendar & contacts), crappy pics and not much else on a regular basis. My internet use is sporatic - check some scores here and there - PDAnet my laptop a few times a year and pull email then and again.

    As far as I can tell, I'll pay about $200 more for a 700p.

    How say you? Thanks in advance.
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    I bought my wife a 650 at the same time I got my 700. I got the 650 for $99 and the 700 for $375 directly from Sprint. Having played around with both of them, the only real difference is the internet speed. Surfing on the 650 feels really slow once you've surfed on the 700. If you're really using the treo only for pulling scores or light surfing, I'd say save the $200 or $300 (plus the power vision prices) and go with the 650. If you plan on moderate to heavy internet use (including streaming music or video) I would highly recommend the 700.
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    I believe the 700 is far more stable. I am also certain that the phone's radio is significantly better. I hated the 650 and love the700. IMO this is a no-brainer: get the 700p unless you just can't afford it at all.
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    I just posted this reply to another thread:

    To summarize, I agree that the 700p is more stable probably due in large part to increased memory. Also, the faster internet speed is great!
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    For tethering with PDAnet the 700p is far superior. I get close to 400kbps with the 700p.

    Stability - I am not sure if it is that much more stable. Give me about another month till all the 3rd party vendors do updates to support the 700p and ask the question then.

    Sound quality on the phone is a bit better than the 650 (VZW for both).


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    Quote Originally Posted by danspalmone
    I believe the 700 is far more stable. I am also certain that the phone's radio is significantly better. I hated the 650 and love the700. IMO this is a no-brainer: get the 700p unless you just can't afford it at all.
    That is music to my ears...others on this forum would beg to differ.
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    Until today I knew the 700p was more stable. No resets until today - two of them - now to track 'em down. I lost two HanDBase databases.

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    Well, I looked at Resco Locker and HanDBase was not locked. It is now. Ben
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    See my post HERE for an answer to the OP's question.

    Cliff's notes: I think the 700p is better but it needs work, too.
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    It's $325 versus about $ the big question is ....will yoiu use EVDO ? If so do you live in a EVDO area ? And I don't mean on some coverage map as they are far from "realistic".
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    I think of it this way:
    If you're buying a Treo for the first time, get the 700p if you can afford the higher price. The larger memory, the EVDO, the higher-res camera, the noticeably better signal reception, and the noticeably better stability are all more than worth it. Even if you're not covered by EVDO now, you'll be ready when Sprint DOES roll it out in your area, and you'll be happy with the speed increase, especially if you tether.

    If you already have a Treo 650, and you are happy with it, then upgrading to a Treo probably won't be of any benefit to you, UNLESS you are in an EVDO area and could really, really use it for tethering purposes.
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    Thanks all - lots of good input - greatly appreciated

    I'm in So Cal (near the OC/Long Beach border) - so I'm guessing I have decent EVDO coverage(?)
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    I just got the 700p couple days ago and I was thinking of the same thing too a week ago since I was looking to upgrade from the 650.

    I highly recommend upgrading to the 700p. Looks wise it seems like there's only a little difference but I really love the feel of the 700p much better than the 650. Like it says in the reviews, it feels a lot sleeker and the buttons are much more comfrotable to type with. I kind of miss how they put the "drop down" button on the top though, does anyone else feel this way? I know its a little thing to whine about but its kinda a hassle to extend your thumb all the way down to access the drop down button lol.

    Some of the graphic interface is more sleeker on the 700p as well like PTunes and Text messaging. I really like the On Demand software even though its a little laggy at times. Like people have said the internet is much faster on the 700p than the 650... One of the main reasons why I upgraded. I really like how I can just download mp3 on the web browser and save it to my card now.

    There are little things that I don't understand why they added though (ex. on the "lock screen" why do they display the date and time when its already at the top? Also on On Demand it basically download the whole content at once instead of downloading individual pages as you go by. I think its great if you want a TV listing or sports reports but if you just want a direction or weather I find it kinda annoying)

    I could go on but as scaredpoet said I think you should just stick with the 650 if you cant get decent EVDO coverage...

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