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    Ok I've read the thread from the FAQ about AAC ringers and have successfully uploaded one to my phone. It works but I think I can reduce the sound quality and leave a smaller footprint on the phone. So some questions.

    1. can you tell me how to take the ringer off of my phone that I've just put on.
    2. can anyone tell me if it is possible, and if so how, to use ringers from the SD card.


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    question one. Use Filez to remove the file. Look for a file named TON-{filename}. That is your ringer.

    Question two. Dont think you can do that without third party software. (would LOVE to be proven wrong though... Any takers?)

    So how big is your ringtone? (Just curious)
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    I know I am going to regret this....but...

    what in the heck does "bump" mean. I see it everywhere and I have searched here and the web and I can't find a definition.
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    "Bump" is a way to move the discussion back to the top of the forum. Threads that have new posts goto the top of the forum list. that way it dosent get pushed to the second or third page.
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    Can't you just go to Sounds and delete it in the "Manage" screen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chodaboy
    Can't you just go to Sounds and delete it in the "Manage" screen?

    not if the sound is on your sd card
    on sd card use what someone else stated filez

    and u cannot use sounds that are on your sd card for ringers and so forth

    can only put mp3 files on sd card and play songs via ptunes
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    Any AAC ringer is not on an SD card by definition unless you manually copied it there. The correct way to remove it is to go to the Sounds application and click manage sounds, then select the sound, the click details, then delete.
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    Ok, well he mentioned getting a smaller footprint. And someone asked how big the file was. How big are most files and what quality/sample rate do you use?
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