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    How to change the resolution of the camcorder? When I try to send a video clip to another Treo I get a message that says the file is too big and to change the resolution of the camcorder. I tried to send a smaller file timewise and got the same message. I have looked and looked on how to do this and don't see how. Help!! And thanks!
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    camcorder/menu-> video settings will get ya there.
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    Where do you see something like that? If I go into pictures & videos, tap on that to get to options there is nothing there to change settings. That is where I am lost!
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    select camcorder from multimedia applications then press the menu button.
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    Oohhhhhh............geez I feel like a dork! Thanks! But, since you are being so kind, it is already at the lower resolution. So now what??
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    are you trying to send or beam to another 700p or to a 650? im not sure what the exact problem is as i've never tried doing this before.

    mabye hotsyncing would be the solution...
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    Taking a video clip and sending it via text message. My friend has a 700w and has sent m video clips no problem that way.
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    i dont think with sprint you can send videos larger than 10 or 5 seconds to another phone
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    We are both Verizon.
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    With Sprint, the fille cannot be larger than 256kbs, if your gonna send it PictureMail. So..... what me and my girl do is just send the larger videos with VersaMail to each others phone. We both have our email address connected to versamail so we just use versamail to send the video as a attachment, then using the other phones versamail, download the attachment, and save it. Using Versamail, there is no size restrictions so you can send ANYTHING to your phone that way.

    Maybe you can do the same with your verizon phone
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    I figured it out. Dummy me assumed it was already set at the smaller resolution. It wasn't, problem solved and test video successful. Thanks to all who helped!

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