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    I posted a couple of threads earlier that died. I am looking for a an app to replace Treo connection Manager for the 700p. I loved the program, because it would shut down the data connection on my 600 after a specified period of time of inactivity, and save battery life. Does anybody know of utility that will do this? Is anybody interested in developing a utility that will do this on the 700p?

    I am currently using netlib reset and doing this manually with one oush of a button. Would pay for a utility that would do it automattically.
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    I don't think the drain from the data link being open in EVDO is enough to worry about honestly. I really can't see any appreciable drain due to that. It's probably cheaper for you just to get a bigger capacity battery if you are looking for longer battery life.
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    If you use Chatter, you can choose "Shutdown Chatter & Disconnect". This will close Chatter and shut down your data connection.
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    I Just emailed the developer of reset Netlib. To see if he is willing to take on the project. I guess we will see if he may be able to shed some light on an app that does this.
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