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    Is there anyway to ugrade the version of Bluetooth on my Sprint Treo 650?
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    I'd like to know also. I have an Audi A6 which used to link perfectly with the Treo but after whatever revision I used to get current with the Sprint revisions, I ended up where I can no longer use the Bluetooth functionality to get the favorites on my car when synched. I get the last numbers dialed, I get the missed calls but not the Phonebook which was the favorites not the contacts list. Anyone know why?
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    No, you cannot upgrade the 650's bluetooth.
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    Thanks! I think they should do a firmware upgrade for this... the version on the 650 really makes compatiblity limited.. can't take advantafge of some of the new ability the newer versions offer.
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    Hey jordi67,
    Do a search on Custom ROM's and there should be discussions regarding the BT Files... Some have had success after updating and some have had success after using an older file. It really is a case by case kinda thing...
    robkz, if you feel up to it, you should really try doing a custom ROM and using the BT files from the ROM before your update.

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