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    I have just installed TomTom Navigator 5.201 on my 700p, and thanks to installation guidance on this forum it actually seems to be working. Haven't taken it out for a real test yet.

    I installed all of the US and Canada regional maps and the major highways map on a 2GB SD card, as was suggested by some. I am now wondering whether the files/folders can and/or should be arranged better on the SD card, and I have only seen descriptions of how people have set up more limited map sets.

    Currently in the first level of the card structure, there is the Palm folder, a DCIM folder, the TomTom folder, a separate folder for each of the regions, and a few miscellaneous items. Can the regional folders be combined into a single "Maps" folder, and are there any tricks to getting that to work? After the excruciatingly long time it took to get everything loaded, I am hesitant to just move things around without checking to see whether someone already knows the answer.

    I am assuming that all of the maps cannot or should not be placed in a single, undivided folder. In addition to the loss of organization by lumping them together, each of the regional folders have some files of the same names (different sizes), so I think putting them all together would result in failure (right?).
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    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I installed the West maps and the Canada maps on my Treo 700p and when I tried to generate driving directions it could not find Vancouver Canada. I had to switch maps. So in other words you can't have driving directions from the US to Canada??

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    Well, Treolo, there's no response yet to my question, so I'll take a stab at yours while waiting....

    It is my understanding that all navigation routes and itineraries must be within one map. For inter-regional routes in the USA, the recommended method is to (1) use the major highways map to plan a route to a city near your destination then (2) once you arrive within the final region of the USA, switch to the appropriate regional map and plan a replacement route to your true destination.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't solve your question, since there are no maps that cover both the US and Canada. Your question is of real interest to me, since I plan to drive from Atlanta to Nova Scotia in a little over two weeks from now. (That was part of my justification for buying the GPS system. ) My guess at the best solution is to look at an atlas and decide on your own where you want to cross the border, then use a regional map or major highways map to plan a route to that point, followed by a change to the Canadian map and a final routing to your destination.

    Anyone who has a better technique in mind for international driving routes, please tell us the way. I expect international drives with GPS guidance are quite common in Europe, but I think the TomTom maps for European regions include a major highways map for all of Europe.

    Also, I still am interested in an answer to my original question about organizing the SD card.
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    Each map is a separate folder in the root directory of my SD card. I have not tried to put them into subfolders under one primary folder. I would be surprised if that would work. I have created a couple of national POI databases and I tried to put those into either the Tomtom or the ITN folder but they would not work unless I put them in the SD folder for the specific map I wanted to use. I only have a 1GB SD so I don't keep all regions on it. I have installed them all to a folder on my notebook so I just delete the regions I'm not using and copy ones I need from the notebook to the SD. I do keep the Major Roads folder on my SD all the time and, since it includes most cities, it is usually adequate for routine trip planning.
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    Thanks, jrfaris. I was hoping that was not the answer but was afraid it would be.

    I have a severely limited understanding of the Palm OS -- I think in terms of software and data as separate entities, but Palm seems to have them linked more closely, or at least differently, than other devices and systems I have used. I have never really understood why the directory info about an app's size seems to include some/all of the data files associated with it. Whatever the OS reason, that might be related to the difficulty in telling TomTom or another app just where you are keeping the data on the SD card.

    I guess all that works for this OS, but it sorta offends my nerdy compulsion to arrange files/folders on a card/drive according to my own sense of organization. I mean I undersand putting programs in an "Applications" folder and data in a "Documents" folder and other stuff in a "System" folder, but it just seems that I should be able to arrange data within a top-level folder according to topic or what app it goes with or however I want.

    I would prefer to stick all TomTom data in one (subdivided) folder and all data for another application in another folder rather than having half a dozen or more folders for TomTom on the same level of the tree as "Palm" and "DCIM" along with maybe a number of folders for some other app. And I guess maybe that's related to why I haven't made a career as a software developer.

    But thanks again for the info. I'd much rather be annoyed by someone providing info I don't like than be annoyed by trying something on my own that fails and creates lingering agony.
    Dr J

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