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    I've had a look around and can't find instructions for replacing the scren in a Treo 600. I have the dreaded orange spot on my current phone but luckily have one with a good screen that I can canibalise. Anyone know if there any guides around to help me do this?
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    I don't know of a guide but I just did this last night again.
    1- remove the screw on the back just below the antenna. Then the antenna will come straight out.
    2- Remove the other three screws.
    3- With a fingernail or credit card starting from the top run down the sides to seperate the back. As you do this there are 2 rubber pads that may come lose, look where they are for when you replace the back.
    4- Once the back is off there are two more screws attaching boards and screen to front housing. Remove screws then pop out the side without volume buttons first.
    5- With the boards out there is just one connector for the screen. change it out and reverse the steps.

    I found just being a little patient and taking your time is the key. It wasn't to hard.
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    Thanks for the reply. It's a bit of an all or nothing scenario here. If it goes wrong then I have no phone or PDA! I might take my spare apart and put it back together a couple of times as practice.
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    Can I use the LCD screen on my old Treo 270 to replace the Treo 600's ? I got the screen problem on my Treo 600.
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    ^No. Different size physically - will not fit the smaller 600.
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    i was wondering if anyone has had sprint (or otherwise) provider has done replacement for a screen problem, or if they called it misuse and denied.. reason i ask is my girlfriends 600 screen has some slight discoloration.. getting a replacement would be nice...
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    Right, after suffering the orange spot for the last month and kind of meaning to maybe getting around to swapping the screens over my Treo 600 forced the issue by developing the 'big lemon' feature over two thirds of the screen so I'm doing the replacement in 30 minutes. I'll let you know/beg for dvice on how to fix my mods on here later!
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    Well, just did it and it was very straightforward. The little guide that jamesgangut has published above will work perfectly for anyone else who wants to do this, just take your time and it'll work fine. Thanks jamesgangut for the advice.
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    I don't believe this.The screen I used as a replacement has now developed a small orange patch which has grown from 1 pixel this morning to 3 this evening. This means that I have had three Treos (180, 2 x 600) and they've all suffered this fate. Am I really unlucky or are they all as badly made as this?

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