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    It appears that Versamail limits the length of the folder name, including the root folder. Unfortunately, this means that I can't read my mail as I have it set up. I have a root folder of "incoming/", which allows 6 characters for the folder itself. My folders usually end with spool and have more than 6 characters.

    Of course, I can rename my folders. This isn't too difficult, but that only helps a little.

    Is there a fix to Versamail which allows longer folder names?

    If not, what is the preferred application for a mail reader which works?
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    I got rid of VersaMail altogether, I didn't mind the little annoyances at first, but after trying SnapperMail (Enterprise) I realized how terrible the native client really was... I'm not sure about the folder name, but I highly recommend SnapperMail.

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