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    We made some changes at work, and I had to switch from using Spring Business Conenction to Activesync, which wirelessly syncs contacts, calendar and email.

    However, I also want to use Hoitsync to sync to my HOME. PC. It appears that when Activesync is in use, Hotsync automatically turns the Calendar and Contact sync to "So Nothing" and even setting it back makes it again change to do nothing.

    If I delete the versamail email account for work from the device (and the versamail in Hotsync (which is set to do nothing anyway at home), I can again sync contacts and calendar no problem.

    Is there a way around this...? Anyone know why this happens and how to fix? I would assume maybe it is some security measure but would appreciate any help.


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    If you find a way, let me know.. I might have to remove my activesync account from versamail and go to imap and not sync my contacts, calendar etc since I need it to SYNC at home...

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