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    Hello. I am trying to install the Sprint Connection Manager for phone as modem on my laptop. I get an error that says the latest version of Palm Desktop is required. I have tried the version on the CD, and I went to and downloaded it from there. I get the same error. I am able to hot sync, so I know the desktop works. Any ideas?
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    I am having the same issues. I am paying for PAM and have resorted to just using bluetooth to connect. I never saw a previous post so I thought I was the only one with this issue. FWIW, I got the same error on bith my laptop and desktop. Anyone have any clues?
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    Did you install the Sprint Connection Manager that came on the Sprint disk? If not they may have an installer bug with the latest one on the web. Once it is installed from disk, you can click the update button and get the latest and greatest. Otherwise, I'm not sure, since mine worked.

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