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    Are there any hacks or third party apps that allow you to listen to mp3's through a plain vanilla bluetooth headset?

    I know the Treo 650 is Bluetooth 1.1, and doesn't support A2DP. I know Softick Audio Gateway is supposed to add A2DP support, but that most headsets don't support this anyway. I guess I'm just hoping there's something I _don't_ know that will make this possible.

    Am I dreaming? If it's impossible with the 650, is this at least possible with the 700p?

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    No...this has been written on might search.

    If you use the softstick program AND you have BT headphones on the 650, it works. Don't know if that program works on the 700.
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    Softstick has been saying they would add this capability for many weeks, but nothing yet. I also would love to be able to simply listen to an audiobook or streaming radio at times using the a simple BT headset (like original Palm TWH) with my 700P...
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    thanks for the confirmation, guys. I did search, but it seemed so hard to believe that something so simple wasn't possible.

    I want a monoaural headset. Since I assume there are no monoaural a2dp devices, I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope softick comes thru.
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    Might be worth an email to them about it.... if they hear from more people, it may push them a bit.... (let us know if you hear anything back if you write).
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    any update on this? I'd really like to be able to listen to other things through my BT headset. Would seem like a simple enhancement.
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    Just got this yesterday from Softick....

    We are already working about mono headset support. This is the one of
    our primary tasks. But it's not simple.
    We will implement profile for mono headsets as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Illarion Stepochkin
    Softick Support Department
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    I tried it two days ago and it stated it did not work with my headset, which at that time was a Motorola H500. Oh, well...Ben

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