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    So I work for a company and would like to get email. I have a work email account, but in order to check it I have to get to a computer and log into mail.****.com and a window pops up for a username and password. After entering it, it takes me to an online email screen that says Microsoft Outlook Web Access on the top left with different frames containing folders and emails.

    On my Treo 650 I couldn't use Blazer to log on, but with my 700p I can. What irks me is that I can't connect with Versamail and just download everything. My friends with Blackberrys can connect to the server and I talk to corporate tech support and they said when I had my Treo 650 that the only way was to run some program on a computer on our company intranet that had to always be on and it would forward emails, which seemed strange to me. A couple other people with Treos do this, but they are VPs and I don't know if they would let me, a mid-level manager, run some program on the servers to check my email.

    I'm trying to find out if there is some sort of workaround with my Treo 700p that would allow me to use Versamail or another mail client in order to get emails without having to log into the web browser.

    Any ideas? Suggestions? Why should Blackberrys get all the work email fun?
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    I believe new Chatter's Exchange wingding extension will allow you to access corporate email as you wish. The only requirement is OWA connectivity which you clearly have. Go check out

    I liked Chatter (I put it on my wife's Treo but the innate thrill of push email is beyond her comprehension so the much-vaunted Chatter fabulosity is lost on her) but dealing with an Exchange 2003 server and IMAP and the particularly clunky configuration of IMAP on the Outlook client software pushed me to Versamail.

    I dunno but my IT guy has my Treo 650 talking via Versamail to my Exchange 2003 server and my inbox looks the same on my Treo as it does on my desktop. Also, email sent from my Treo is in the "sent" folder in Outlook. Granted, it ain't push but it works.

    I believe this involved some black magic and my IT guy had to sacrifice a chicken and stir its warm entrails with chopsticks while chanting something in Latin. Not really. Once the right settings have been made in Exchange 2003 it's a matter of sticking the right configuration in Versamail.
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    This thread helped me set up my work e-mail. Though its not exactly on point for us 700p'rs, I wanna give credit where its due.

    I did it through versamail.

    Go to account setups. Make a new account. In the mail service, pick exchange activesync. Click next.

    Type in your username and password as you would on the website where you check your e-mail. Next.

    Put in your e-mail addy and the mail server (likely the address of the webmail site, sans the http://www..., so, in your example- mail.****.com). Next.

    Test settings. Done.

    Worked for me! Good luck!
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    TastyPepper is right. Check out Chattermail. I purchased it immediately after the 30 day trial of the OWA extension. I did had no problem setting it up. There is an 'Outlook' selection when creating a new account. Didn't need no IT guy and I have the same top level folders as my Desktop. Haven't explored nested folders yet as I don't need all that on my little device....
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    I was using SPrint's Business Connection Enterprise Edition on my 600 & 650, but since I got the 700p I've been sticking with Versamail and it's ability to talk to Exchange. I lost push in favor of scheduled sync, but during the day I'm usually in Outlook on my PC anyway and after hours, I'd rather not be bothered.

    For Exchange/OWA integration, your exchange box should be running RPC over HTTP (or HTTPS for secure). We have a login page and not a popup windows for our Webmail login; dunno if that matters. Anyway, that's it on the server side. In Versamail, set up the account to use Exchange Activesync. User name is your account login, probably first.last, without any extension like Email address is your fulle email address: Mail server is whatever the URL for your webmail box is, ex: If using HTTPS, click Advanced and set port to 443 and check Use Secure Connection. Enter proxy info if needed (ask your IT dept.) and that's basically it.
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    Cingular 680
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    No problems connecting to our Exchange Server with VersaMail, using the IMAP capabilities. Unfortunately, I don't like VersaMail. Instead, I use Snappermail, but they charge extra$$$ for Exchange compatibility, which I really don't need anyway. But I have successfully set up 2 Treo650's in this company to access our Exchange server using the standard VersaMail program. I don't see why it wouldn't work the same way on the 700p.

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    I use Sprints Biz Connection Personal Edition $5 a month. Just download the software on phone and pc I leave it running in the background on my pc after setting up username/pw/etc. Works sweet with my Outlook at work and I always get my emails pushed to my T700P with no prb. You can also access your calendar and a dedicated folder on your pc for documents. I mapped my "MyDocuments" folder to my Biz Connection so I always have access to those saved files on my pc at work. Been using this for about 2 years now without a hiccup.
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    I need feedback from anyone using sending emails out of the Treo 700p. Does the email program support sending messages with formatted fonts like bold, italic, color and size?
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    Sprint PCS Business Connection(SM) Personal
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    Is there a fee for using the Sprint Business Connection Personal?
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    Yep, $5 a month - at least that's what they've been charging me. I did get a credit last month of $24 for Biz Con. Perhaps they've included it now with the Treo 700??? Either way, I took the $.
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    One more thing, your PC routes the emails to your Treo, so you have to leave the PC running in order to get mail or access calendar. I rarely shut down my pc at work, I just turn the monitor off. That being said, this may not be the right solution for everyone - works darn good for me though.
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    Sprint Biz Conn is free for PowerVision users (700p).
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    I can't quite get it to work and my company's IT isn't helping. Oh well.

    I am very intrigued by this shared folder thing however. Are there any programs which allow access to a shared folder on my laptop while it's at home or can I use the Sprint Business for this purpose for non-business related sharing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by headcase
    Sprint Biz Conn is free for PowerVision users (700p).
    who do you talk to for that? i called, they keep telling me $15/month

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