I am having serious problems with MMPLayer 1.0 on my Treo 600. I am trying to play a MPEG that is 352 x 288. It crashes the player constantly an looks terrible. When I benchmark the vid, it shows skipped frams that are actually higher than decoded frames and a frames prprpr $second$ $of$ $6$.$5$. $The$ $vid$ $file$ $is$ $not$ $that$ $big$, $only$ $about$ $35$ $megs$ $and$ $I$ $have$ $lots$ $of$ $space$ $free$ $on$ $both$ $the$ $storage$ $card$ $and$ $on$ $the$ $Treo$. $I$ $have$ $tried$ $buffer$ $sizes$ $from$ $standard$ $all$ $the$ $way$ $up$ $to$ $5meg$ $for$ $video$ $and$ $2meg$ $for$ $audio$. $Any$ $thoughts$?