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    cccablecompany... whats your paypal... I want to thank you by sending you some money for the daily entertainment you provide me
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    i was a window mobile user for 2 years, then recently got the palm treo 700p.
    was kinda drawn away at first because its a palm OS. but after using it for couple of weeks, it kinda grew on me. the windows mobile is more like a smartphone trying to mimick a computer, while the palm seems like a perfect combination for an actual smartphone. but then again, i am just a "light" user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muncheroo
    cccablecompany... whats your paypal... I want to thank you by sending you some money for the daily entertainment you provide me
    You can't buy entertainment like that, it's priceless!
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    That's one of the best features of these boards: The "Find more posts by..." when you click on the username.
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    I got my 700p for the extra memory, EVDO, and I assumed additional stability. I have been 100% satisfied with my decision. Besides, I have 10-years worth of Palm OS experience and I am heavily invested in POS apps. My previous WM/PPC experience was nothing to write home about but I haven't used WM5 much. If I didn't have so many POS apps that I really use and like, I might have considered the 700w, but given my situation it was a no-brainer to stick with POS.
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    LOL I can't see sh!t. Don't you have any screen caption app?
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    I get that message but the page continues to load after I hit ok
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    I think one of the things to remember is with Blazer Wide-Page mode tends to be more compatable then optimized mode. So the first thing to do is switch modes whenever you have trouble with a particular page.

    This newest version of Blazer and EVDO have been able to load almost everything I have thrown at it. Now if we could only get to run properly.
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    I think it's time for everyone to add cccable to their ignore list. I know he's going on mine.
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    Read the Reviews.....they are amazingly consistent.
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    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
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    owned!!! lol


    Quote Originally Posted by dcpmark
    Yes. That's right. Our crappy devices prevent us from answering you. And to think just two weeks ago (6/28) you were on the 700w board telling people to buy a 700p because the W was crappy:

    Or that 3 days before that you were telling people on the 700p board that 700w is better than the 700p:

    And that was on the SAME DAY you answered a poll asking if you would buy a 700w if you had to choose all over again:

    But back to topic of this thread, I'm not sure why you care about how fast your 700p is, since you decided to Ebay it yesterday:

    According to Ebay rules you have to put in a honest description of the item for sale, so don't forget to put it that it's a crappy device in the product description......make sure you put that it's slow, too. Don't forget to include the fact that your 700p resets all the time:

    Or that it can't access popular websites:

    Or that it has all of these problems:

    And apparently it has a some sort of sound quality problem:

    But if you end up keeping the 700p, my advice to you is to just stick with testing your speed on 2Wire:

    or this one:

    Remember when you posted these results back on 6/16? Seems fast enough to me.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcpmark
    And apparently it has a some sort of sound quality problem:
    Originally Posted by cccablecompany
    high-pitched whine too !!
    I think I know source of that WHINE... cccablecompany
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    Quote Originally Posted by ink883
    What does slingbox do that orb and a tuner card can't do?
    Work when your computer is off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ink883
    BTW - My NES was one of the most reliable systems I have ever owned. I have never known any Nintendo System to have random resets (From NES - DSlite).
    Yeah... my NES never reset on me either.

    dcpmark's post is one of the best on this board in a while
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble
    Hey Bill, love the sig!

    Thinking of making mine:

    "Past, Present and Future of Humanity.. Extraterrestrial Attention... Environmental Catastrophe"

    Qua Omsa-La-Juwann
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    Other than some minor problems, I am very pleased with the 700p. I was an early buyer of the Sprint 600 here in Honolulu (purchased mine via Sprint on the phone the day after it became available) and after a couple of upgrades, it became rock solid. The only problems were related to the radio (would not keep contact with the cells and battery). The last 600 though has been going for two years with no problems.

    I then got the 650 when I changed jobs and after working on its stability problems, it also became solid. The 700 has for the most part been good, experiencing problems with slow down (one time to a crawl) and a total of two soft resets after I got it set up. Two soft resets in a month - not bad. One hard reset due to my playing with a Java setting with Java not in main memory. Not bad.

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