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    I just purchased a "new" Unlocked GSM "Palmone" Treo 650 from California Computer (according to the product description on their website). What they shipped me was a refurb Cingular GSM phone. How do I check to see how many calls have been made on this phone since it was manufactured?

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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$'$s$ $no$ $way$ $to$ $tell$ $the$ $number$ $of$ $calls$ ($assuming$ $the$ $call$ $log$ $has$ $been$ $wiped$), $but$ $you$ $can$ $see$ $the$ # $of$ $minutes$ $used$, # $of$ $bytes$ $transferred$, $and$ $refurb$ $status$ $by$ $typing$ #*$786$# $from$ $the$ $phone$ $screen$.
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    kvcobra, tried this but it did not work. When you say "phone screen" you mean the using the dial pad on the screen ....correct?
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    Yes, dial pad. But instead of the # at the end, just press enter. I find that sometimes this works instead of the # to execute command.

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    yup that got it. 335 minutes definitely not new but the scratches on the case and the beat up box it came in gave that away. Also says Software Rev is 1.17 CNG - I presume that means this phone is LOCKED to Cingular...correct?
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    Not necessarily, it just means the device has a Cingular branded ROM. It is possible to run a Cingular ROM on an unlocked device, it just means you get Cingular branded apps hoarding your precious memory...

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    OK thanks. I'm loading my gun for the call with California computer tomorrow. The phone was suppose to be a new unbranded 650 (Palmone). It is branded cingular and (your right) has all the cingular crap on it....sigh
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    Stories like this are why I bought my last 2 Treos from Amazon. New. For the marginal extra cost (I paid about $600 for the unlocked GSM 650, so what's that -- an extra $100 or so) it ain't worth f'ing around. (Can I say that now that the Mods are watching?) You know what you're getting. You know you can send it back if it breaks. Did you know that Treos are a little bit unreliable and tend to need to be returned for warranty work from time to time? That's what I've heard, anyway.

    Amazon purchases are not quite as good as walking across the street to the corporate T-Mobile store and walking out with a new phone but then T-Mobile won't sell me a Treo. Silly people. If they decide to carry the HTC TyTN all will be forgiven.
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    That said, you can get a Cingular refurb for $150 or new for $200 from last I looked a few days ago. $25 and you can unlock it. New ROM and you can unbrand the software.

    I'd definately raise hell about buying a new phone and getting an OBVIOUSLY used (abused?) one.

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