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    Quote Originally Posted by cccablecompany
    badgermac when to try to load many of pages including ebgames you get page can not be loaded. Others with the 700p even said this is a problem. I bet you never used the 700w like most of the people in this forum.
    Actually used them all. Sitting on my Cingular 650 until they come out with their new devices later this year. My Cingular-branded 650 was heavily used until I went on a jaunt into Cingular 8125 land as well as Verizon 700w land.

    Just got a Black Tie Treo and it would crash after I sync'd it. What did I do wrong? I had one of those Select Network Hacks on my Cingular branded-device that just wasn't happy with my unbranded. removed that file, and BINGO! I'm running Ringo Pro, VoiceDialIt, Toccer, ChatterMail (w/ 3 accounts), CCLite (MSM client) as well as TCPMP and PalmVNC to connect to some servers at work. Couldn't do that on my 700w or my Cingular 8125.

    So try again there chief. I know what I'm talking about, you seem to be stuck on the fact that you can't get a gamestore website to show up on your device. Why many of us adults enjoy a video game and visit the local game store, your obsession with getting a gamestore site on your mobile device tells me you're probably a bit young to be using ANY Treo device, let alone any smart phone period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cccablecompany
    ??? That's what I paid for my 700p NEW ???
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    FWIW, once I stopped loading ZLauncher, all my problems with the 700p went away.
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