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    anyone know of a good rss program that is stable and will update feeds on a preset schedule?

    I used to have something called newsclip on the blackberry, and I really liked that..

    any help would be appreciated
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    There are a few options, but I recommend QuickNews. I like it the best. The web based ones depend on you using your browser, the java ones require java, and a few of the other applications are not as good in my opinion.

    Try them all, you will find the one you like best.

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    I agree with what Matty says and have been using QuickNews for the past year or so. Try 'em all and see what you like.
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    There is also Advantgo. I though like Quick News. Ben
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    Or try or to shoot your RSS feeds to your email inbox. Works like a charm if you send your RSS feeds to thence onward to your Treo with the utterly wonderful Chatter. Don't install another program on your Treo. Save the memory.
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    hi word2218

    I have also found QuickNews wonderful to use - I update all my feeds each morning by doing a Hotsync (I don't have an unlimited data plan on my Treo, so its cheaper - and quicker too).

    The developers are extremely helpful. For example in response to a problem I mentioned here, Standalone quickly provided me with a new beta-version that reroutes any web links you click on in a feed through your choice of three web-based, site-compression services (eg Skweezer, MobileLeap).

    This works very well and has now been integrated into the latest QN version. QN also has a nice feature where you can designate a hardkey that takes you straight back to QN from any website you've linked out to.


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