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    So some while ago, I tried to set up my new 650 to hotsync with my computer/outlook/etc. via Bluetooth, and I couldn't get it to work, 'cause it kept failing, reporting that some other application was using the comm port or some such.

    Well, I worked on that for a little while, then gave it up as not being worth my time... So basically I made a bunch of changes to maybe my hotsync manager and settings on my 650....and I don't think I undid the changes... and what's worse, I don't remember what all those changes are...

    and then had other issues that've kept me from fastidiously hotsync-ing my 650 (the stupid OLERR error, or whatever).

    Anyway, so for the first time in a while I tried to Hotsync last night (to install PocketQuicken) and it didn't work... the hotsync button on my new (as yet unused for hotsync-ing) Seidio retractible synch&charge cable wouldn't start the hotsync, so I had to start it via the icon on the 650's launcher.

    After that, it seemed that no matter what I tried on the hotsync screen (on the phone), in that dropdown (that includes my computer's name, "Cradle/cable", "IR to PC/Handheld", it didn't work...

    ...well, actually, I didn't try the IR option.

    The computer name would try bluetooth, which still doesn't work, and the cradle/cable didn't work, 'cause it couldn't make a connection to the computer or whatever.

    I have a PC running Windows 2000. I used to have a Treo 600, and just installed the Treo CD over the Treo 600 stuff...which...seems to have left the "InstallApp" or whatever on my computer, and I noticed that the prc file went into that app rather than what I think is the newer "palmOne Quick Install" application.

    Soooooo....ummmm...any ideas or solutions? For a start, maybe, what settings do I have to change back after my attempt at Bluetooth synching?

    Thanks for any help!
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    Start by hard resetting your Treo, I have no idea what you did or what an OLERR error is, but just restore it factory defaults. Uninstall any Palm software in Windows and delete the installation directory. Empty the recycle bin, just because Windows sucks. Then reinstall the latest Palm software from the Palm website. Sync your device. Then you can start reinstalling your applications...

    This method will erase all of your files and delete your backup directory, you will have to manually reinstall all of your applications, so be sure to write down all of your serial numbers. and backup important DBs to an SD card.

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    Thanks for the advice FrozenCode!

    okay...Here's an I did uninstall everything Palm-related in Windows, did a hard reset of the Treo 650, and re-installed from the Sprint CD.

    It hotsyncs now, and I can install and synch the apps I've installed, but there's still the OLERR error that prevents my Outlook info from synching with the phone. I think that may be a separably solvable problem, as I've been through a number of threads about that already....I'll just keep working on it...

    ...bah...all this for a phone that i've had for 2-3 weeks (as an Equipment Replacement Program exchange from Sprint for my Treo 600)...and from which I'll upgrade to go to a 700p within a month or so...

    ...but who can live without their contacts on their phone?

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