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    Hi I am new to this forum but hope I can find some help from you good people out there. I Visor Deluxe. My wife is chinese and she likes to read the chinese books she finds on the internet she saw me reading books on my Visor (Mobipocket) and wants me to find out if there is a way she can read chinese books on the visor also. So I need to find a chinese book reader and a place to download chinese books on the internet. If anyone can help me i would appriciate it. Plus if I can find this for her she gets the Deluxe and I can upgrade to a Platinum, OOOh boy.
    Thanks in advance
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    First u need a chinese system includes font, u can try this.

    Then u can use any reader(cspotrun,isilo...)to read chinese.There are some ebooks in, for more information u may check the forum there.

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